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Clinic Software

A complete and ultimate Online Clinic Management Software. Fully customizable, easy to use and cost effective program that gives you facility to operate your cliic activity from any device anywhere anytime. No need of installation, no need to wait for service, no extra infrastructure needed, highly secure data. Advance reporting format, Instant report generation, No data or user limit.

Offline clinic software will be installed on your computer, means you have complete control over your data. Access software without internet connection, Multi user and multi level security, fast performance, no date lock, no data or user limit."

Unlimited Data, Prescription, billing, accounting, pharmacy, dialysis, pathology, Inventory, HR and Payroll with Barcode, QR Code, SMS, Email, Whatsapp, PDF Generation, Incentive Report, Agent Mangement, Excel Export, Water mark, Logo, Sign, Multiple Report Format and Much more.
App for patient.
  1. Can access and download Prescription.
  2. Can access and download Bill.
  3. Can make appointment with Doctor.
  4. Can access and download report.
  5. Can add family members.
  6. Can request for test or checkup package.
  7. View offers published.
  8. View message and notifications.
  9. Can search test, profile and package.
  10. Can pay dues if any.
  11. Can request for home collection.
  12. and much more...


Some key features are given below. In case of any query, feel free to write us

Common features.

  1. Manage unlimited data.
  2. Unlimited report, unlimited user
  3. Lightening fast even on slow connection
  4. Appointment Management
  5. Digital prescription in a minute
  6. Allergy, side effect and safety Alert of drugs
  7. Complete drug information
  8. Multiple report format
  9. Barcode and QR Code
  10. Picture and Graph in report.
  11. Formula for auto calculate result
  12. Abnormal warning (On screen and Print)
  13. Pending report analysis
  14. Sample Management
  15. Report approval and recheck facility.
  16. Comment or Remark on every test.
  17. SMS, Whatsapp, Email facility
  18. Automated SMS and Email to Patient and Doctor
  19. Wing wise reporting
  20. User wise reporting
  21. Department wise reporting
  22. Export to excel and PDF
  23. Set your own font, size, colour, logo etc
  24. Multiple Rate facility
  25. Agent management
  26. Insurance management
  27. Service wise and Doctor wise Incentive
  28. Multilevel security and access rights
  29. Free patient portal
  30. Outsource Management
  31. Discount limits facility for users.
  32. Agent billing facility
  33. Machine Integration facility
  34. Rich and customizable admin reports.
  35. Smart Incentive calculation and reporting.
  36. Doctor and pathologist login facility
  37. Incentive analysis
  38. Work order analysis
  39. Expense management
  40. Two factor auth facility.
  41. Online Payment
  42. White label Branding available on demand
  43. Health Card facility.
  44. Quotation and Approval facility
  45. Test Requisition facility
  46. Pharmacy management
  47. Dialysis Managment
  48. Inventory Management
  49. HR and Payroll management
  50. All certificates
  51. Multiple branch facility
  52. Complete user log.

Stock and Inventory Management System (Optional).

  1. Internal Inventory management.
  2. AMC and Warranty management and alert
  3. Inventory evaluation and depreciation
  4. Repair and Status management.
  5. Work station management.
  6. Stock management
  7. Rich admin report
  8. Stock consumption report
  9. Purchase, Auto Consumption, Return and breakage management.
  10. Stock report.
  11. Goods Ledger
  12. Purchase analysis

Pharmacy Management System (Optional).

  1. Stock management.
  2. Purchase, sale
  3. Purchase and sale return
  4. Breakage and expiry management with alert
  5. Inventory evaluation
  6. Inter branch transfer management.
  7. Stock management
  8. Rich admin report
  9. Stock report.
  10. Goods Ledger
  11. Purchase and sale analysis
  12. Manage as separate or integrated intity.
  13. GST return.
  14. Party ledger and much more.

Employee and HR (Optional).

  1. Employee management
  2. Attendance Management.
  3. Overtime Management
  4. Salary Generation
  5. Advance against salary and deduction
  6. ESI and PF Deduction
  7. Any other Deduction
  8. Salary Report
  9. Employee Ledger
  10. Employee login
  11. Salary Slip
  12. Overtime management
  13. Admin Reports.

Market Place Website (Optional)

  1. Professional Design
  2. Customization managed from Software
  3. Search on Service / test / profile / package.
  4. Make any package primary to promote
  5. Add unlimited page
  6. Publish articles
  7. Publish offer
  8. Patient can directly register by Mobile / Gmail / Facebook
  9. Prescription upload facility
  10. Collection Centre management and allotment facility.
  11. Profile management.
  12. Package Management
  13. Manage test, profile, package with picture and complete details from software
  14. Alert of registration or work order in software
  15. Like and View counter
  16. Mange FAQ, TOC, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy etc from software and get alert.
  17. Dynamic and informative contact page.
  18. Complain and feedback management.
  19. Online Payment
  20. Report Download facility
  21. Complete white label

Mobile APP

  1. Two layouts (You can switch it)
  2. Customization managed from Software
  3. Make any package primary to promote
  4. Add unlimited page
  5. Publish articles
  6. Publish offer
  7. Patient can directly register by Mobile / Gmail / Facebook
  8. Prescription upload facility
  9. Profile management.
  10. Package Management
  11. Manage test, profile, package with picture and complete details from software
  12. Alert of registration or work order in software
  13. Like and View counter
  14. Mange FAQ, TOC, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy etc from software and get alert.
  15. Dynamic and informative contact page.
  16. Complain and feedback management.
  17. Online Payment
  18. Prescription upload facility
  19. Facility to add family members.
  20. Complete white label on demand
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